1. An auction site is a dangerous place with moving equipment, energised plant, tripping hazards and potentially unsecured loads. Please use extreme caution.
  2. Immediately report all incidents (i.e. injuries, slips/trips, property damage and near misses) to the Auction Supervisor or any representative of Dominion Group.
  3. Do not operate or demonstrate equipment unless you are supervised by Dominion Group personnel.
  4. Any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that impairs cognition is strictly prohibited from entering the auction site or operating or demonstrating equipment.
  5. No children are allowed on site. Anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited from operating or being in or on any piece of equipment, machinery or vehicle.
  6. Prior to commencing with the performance of any services, contractors/service providers must operate in strict accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  7. In case of an emergency, follow the directions of Dominion Group personnel. Refer to the Site Emergency Evacuation Plan (attached).
  8. Appropriate (covered) footwear is to be worn by all those entering the site.
  9. Street parking only.




In order for you to collect the item(s) you have purchased promptly, safety and efficiently, we require the following:

  1. Communication with Dominion Group personnel about
    1. Time for collection
    2. Means of collection
  2. Comply with the Site Safety Rules and Traffic Management Plan (of applicable)
  3. If any of the following are required to collect the item(s)
    1. Use of forklift, hoist, crane, or any other lifting equipment
    2. Decommissioning of equipment or structures (i.e. dismantling, disconnecting electrical supply (hard wired), etc)

You are required to:

  1. Liaise with Dominion Group personnel regarding time of collection.
  2. Comply with any site safety rules and the traffic management plan for the site (if applicable).
  3. Document and present to Dominion Group for review and approval prior to collection a Job Safety Analysis JSA) identifying possible hazards you may encounter while collecting your item(s) and risk controls you plan to implement to eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of injury/property damage. You must provide:
    1. Copies of certificates/licences of personnel involved in decommissioning (e.g. electrician/plumber license, forklift/crane license; etc)
    2. When using own equipment (e.g. forklift, truck crane, other crane or lifting equipment, elevated work platforms or scaffolding), copies of service and maintenance records for equipment.
    3. Any other supporting documentation as per the JSA.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed via the JSA process, only Dominion Group personnel are to operate any forklifts/cranes/hoists on site.
  5. Report any incidents/near misses to Dominion Group personnel immediately.